ATR45 600HP Externally gated T3x turbocharger

Brand: HyperGear
Product Code: ATR45 EX-Gate
Price: $950.00 Ex Tax: $863.64

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* Turbine housing:

Additional Components:

ATR45 is a turbocharger that is made in a T3x print for up to 600HP.

There are few options to got for, standard model is suitable for engine size that is in between 3 to 4 litres. 

The SAT model is the performance version made to peak the same power with better response working with SR20det, RB25, RB26 and 1JZGTE engines. The recommended turbine housing for engines mentioned is in .63. 

ATR45SAT turbocharger was used on our team racing car: TopStage S14 SR20det. Made 400rwkws @ 28psi E85 fuel that broke a new world record and took 1st in WTAC Open class in 2016.

This turbocharger must work with an fully operational blow off valve (BOV). 

The leading time to build is up to 10 working days.

dyno videos

Turbo Profiles T3x 600HP
Warranty HyperGear built turbochargers comes with 12 month unlimited KMs warranty. This warranty does not cover failures cased from foreign objects or oil related issues.

CP 9:1 forged pistons
Super Tech Valve springs
Power Enterprise 800cc injectors
Adaptronic plug-in ECU
Greedy Profect B EBC
600x300x75mm PWC Cooler kit
3.5inches Xforce turbo back exhaust
4inches intake pipe with Pod
Split fire coil packs
Brea steam pipe exhaust manifold, 50mm gate.

ATR45 .82 Rb25det 431rwkws E85
ATR45SAT  Rb25det 400rwkws @ 24psi E85 C34 Stagea  
Seres 3 1998 GTR R-33

Standard Cams and Cam gears
Fully standard engine
Super Tech Valve springs
Xspurt 100cc injectors
Haltech plug-in ECU
ECU controlled EBC
600x300x100mm Front mount Intercooler
3 inches turbo back exhaust
4 inches intake pipe with Pod
Split fire coil packs
Brea steam pipe exhaust manifold
HPVA 50mm gate.

ATR45SATBB Rb26det 410rwkws E85  
ATR45SATBB RB26Det Vs OEM Twin T25s  
ATR45SATBB SR20DET 399rwkws @ 28psi E85 fuel

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