Compressor housing Anti Surge Sleeve and insert Service

Brand: HyperGear
Product Code: Anti surge Comp Housing Service
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This is a anti-surges slotting or surge slot patch up service to a turbocharger's compress cover.  There are few methods used to carry out this service I will explain below:

1 and 2. This is the most common and straight forward method of anti surge a comp cover, that is by slot and drilling. The hole sizes can be in metric 6M, 8M, 10M, and the drilling angle can be either straight (Photo 1) or angled (Photo 2) depending on the size of the housing and your preferences. That will solve majority of surging problems. 

3 and 4. The Anti surge frame can also be made as an solid insert that gets bolted into the front compressor housing (Photo 3, Photo 4, Photo 5). This method is usually carried out into larger framed compressor covers, solving surging issues. We can build an additional solid surge slot blanking frame (Photo 6) at additional cost if required (Option 4 which comes with both antisurge and blanking insert).  

5. With anti surge slot patching, this is service to to get rid of existing anti-surge slot. This is usually done through solid frame insert, that is  by machining off existing anti surge slotting area then and screw in a solid sleeve.  (Photo 6)

Anti surge slots in any form do reduce compressor efficiency as well as adding unwanted lag. Please do some research and speak to your mechanic / tuner before ordering this service.


Carrying out this service:

If the comp cover is solid, I will need the complete CHRA or the compressor wheel that its profile to suit with.

If it is an anti surge comp cover, I will need the cover by it self with nothing else attached.

The job needs to be welled packed and send to our Po.Box address listed on this site with a piece of paper contain your name, address, phone no. and a description of the job. The leadig time for completion is up to 7 working days. You are welcome to consult details and additional information before making a purchase.

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